1st Year Anniversary Event část 2


Event 1: 3x EXP, 3x Skill a 3x Drop

Event in-game:

Patch 101:  26.04.2017


Auto tréning

Definition of Auto Training System:

  • It is an automated function where saved shortcut keys <1 ~ Ctrl+0> and items will be used automatically.
  • Only available for use when <Vitality> is available
  • Unable to use the function if <Vitality> has reached at 0/240
  • <Vitality> will be restored by remaining logged-in or using a Vitality recovery item.

Use Auto Training (K) System:
Auto Training Window will appear upon clicking the shortcut key (K)
<Basic Quick Slot> and <Expanded Quick Slot> patterns can be reserved manually.

Auto Training Function Setup:
Skills and items reserved in <Quick Slot> will be used automatically.
Upon click on <# of Quick Slot> will popup <Setting Window>


<Setting window>: Each Setup Details

  • Will activate once <Function Confirm> and <Set Value> are input.
  • The status must be activated in order to utilize Repeatable Training System.

Auto Training Setup: <Default> and <Save>

  • Upon clicking the <Default> button, all activated status will be reset to ‘Inactive.’
  • After clicking the <Save> button, you will reserve all activated status in cloud so they can be utilized on any PCs you access to play 9Dragons.

Automated Training: Start and Finish

  • Upon clicking the <Start Training> button (located in the <Vitality> window), your character will automatically use skills and items that are saved in your <Quick Slots> repeatedly.
  • The status will turn into <Training> and 1 <Vitality> will be consumed per minute.
  • <Start Training> & <Finish Training> mode can be toggled by clicking the Shortcut Key ( ] )


  • <Vitality> is a resource to use Auto Training System.
  • <Vitality> can be charged by keeping your character in the ‘Log-in’ status. Make sure you are not currently in <Training> status.
  • Vitality recharge items can also be used to refill your <Vitality> immediately.