1st Year Anniversary Event část 2


Event 1: 3x EXP, 3x Skill a 3x Drop

Event in-game:

Patch 101:  26.04.2017


Master a Disciple System

Contribution Points
Available Contribution Points (related to Master exclusive purchased items) / Total Accumulated Contribution Points (related to Master’s Class)

Contribution Points will not be accumulated if Disciple hunts monsters while Master is not logged-in.

Master/Disciple Group Chat
Real-time conversation is possible between Master and Disciple.

Although you can attempt to chat with players that aren’t logged-in, those players will not be able to see messages you have sent once they have logged-in.

Master Group Chat:
Expulsion: Master can forcefully expel his/her disciples. (Master skill)

  • Expelled Disciples can become accepted again by the Master upon mutual agreement.
  • Cannot expel new Disciples within 72 hours from the time of the start of a Master/Disciple contract.

Carrier Pigeon / Whisper / Party Invite (Master/Disciples common)

  • This window will popup upon selecting a specific Disciple from Master info window
  • Send Carrier Pigeon or Whisper to selected Disciples.
  • Can request “Party Invite” when both Master and Disciple are on the same map.

Current Contribution Points (Disciple skill)

  • Current Contribution Points appears to Disciples only. (linked to Master buff and Disciples Class)
  • Retire: Canceling the Discipleship with Master. (Disciples skill)
  • Cannot retire within 72 hours from the moment you have become a Disciple.
  • Your Contribution Points will be deleted upon your retirement.

Disciple Class-up

Certain requirements have to be met in order to become a Master to accept a Disciple.

The Master must be a minimum of Level 13 higher than their candidate to accept them as a Disciple.
(Achievement Rate Difference between Master and Disciple: 1)

You will be eligible to become a Master upon reaching Cheng 1 of Elemental Crown (Level 97) and complete a quest to obtain Master Authority Scroll from Hefei.

More Disciples can be recruited as you level Class up (Max # of Disciple: 4).

  • Class 5 - 2 Disciples / 4th Class - 3 Disciples / 3rd Class+ - 4 Disciples

Disciples can also become Masters upon reading Cheng 1 of Elemental Crown (Level 97) after completing the quest to obtain the Master Authority Scroll from Hefei.

  • You will not be eligible to become a Disciple upon reaching at Cheng 1 of Elemental Crown.
  • Upon reaching at Cheng 4 of Elemental Crown (level 100), any existing Discipleship will be terminated automatically

Quest: Discipleship Advancement Requirement

Roads to Karma: Sima Tiezhong | Roads to Karma: 5th Class Discipleship Advancement
Starting Requirement | Starting Requirement
Misc. Merchant NPC Jiang Daxi (Hefei) | Headmaster NPC Sima Tiezhong (Hefei)
Cheng 1 of Elemental Crown (level 97) or higher | Completion of the quest: <Roads to Karma: Sima Tiezhong >
All Clans (including Vagabond) | Cheng 1 of Elemental Crown (Level 97) or higher

Master and Disciple Quests

Master Title

  • Master Title represents the Master which can be set by Discipleship Headmaster NPC located in Hefei.
  • Master Title will appear on both Master and Disciple(s) character names.
  • Upon activating the Master Title, Epithet will not appear, but will keep all effects of this Epithet.
  • Master Title can be changed once only by using a cash item called, “Master and Disciple Band Title Change.”
  • Unable to use Title that is already taken by another player.

Disciple Advantage 1

Disciples will receive a gift package via Event window (H) upon reaching a certain amount of Disciple Contribution Points.

Masters will not receive any gift packages.

Contribution Points Requirement to increase Disciple Class:

  • 2nd Class Disciple: Contribution Points 5,000
  • 1st Class Disciple: Contribution Points 20,000

Gift List:
Item Name subject to changed.

Disciple Advantage 2
Depending on a Disciple’s accumulated Contribution Points, they will receive auto buffs as listed below.

  • The Master must be logged in to activate the buffs. (Buff icon will disappear if the Master logs out.)

There are 6 Classes. 3rd Class and above Classes will have same buff effects with increased stat effects.

Buff Requirements and Effects:


Kill (滅) / Combined (合) Points
When both Master and Disciple are logged on, Kill and Combined Points will activate.
Note: Both Kill and Combined points will be reset upon logged out.

Kill (滅)

  • Kill points will be added upon hunting Deviant Clans.
  • Certain chance to acquire bonus Exp (x2~5) randomly.
  • x10 Exp will be granted upon defeating the 1,000th Deviant Clans.

Combined (合)

  • All Kill points earned by Master and Disciples (while they are logged in) will be accumulated to Combined points.
  • Increasing Blood points speed will boost upon acquiring a certain amount of Combined points.
  • Gaining more Combined points means having more Blood points.

Master Advantage

  • Master/Disciple exclusive items can be purchased by using accumulated Contribution Points via Discipleship Headmaster.
  • Again, Master/Disciple related items are exclusive which can’t be obtained by other methods.
  • More items will be unlocked as the Master class levels up.

Discipleship Headmaster NPC
Function: Apply Master Title, Items (potions) can be purchased with Contribution Points, Master/Disciple quest etc.

Discipleship Specialized Merchant NPC (Costume)
Special clothes are available to purchase by spending Contribution Points.

Discipleship Specialized Merchant (Weapons)
Special weapons and consumable items are available to purchase by spending Contribution Points.

Note: Costume, Weapon and Consumable items (excluding Potions sold by Discipleship Headmaster) can only be purchased at Hefei.